Eastwood High School Class of 1957

Memory Lane

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In the wintertime, when things got dull in the classroom, I found that a great way to pass the time was to gaze out a second floor window of EHS facing south towards Seeley Hill. When the flurries came you could barely see the hill about a mile away. As the snowfall became heavier, the hill would disappear altogether into a whiteout. But on one or two occassions a REALLY heavy snowfall would hit and then you couldn't see Sunnycrest Dr.which was only about 150ft away. Snowfalls were always fascinating to me and I treasured those moments.
-- Bill Sabis

Well, what I remember about Syracuse winters is that if you could breathe twice through your nose before it froze shut, it was 10 below zero. If it froze after one breath, it's 20 below. -- George Almasi

I remember one time in Mr. Hughes' Social Studies class when George Sarkus launched into a long dissertation on The Civil War. Mr. Hughes listened patiently for as long as he could stand it and finally stood up in the middle of George's speech and shouted in that gravely voice of his.."Sarkus...Too Demonstrative". It was a riot! I had never heard anyone use the term "too demonstrative" before and to be honest I don't think I've heard anyone use it since.
-- Bill Sabis

I remember Mr. Constance preparing some foul-smelling compound in chemistry class and then saying "Class, this odor is pungent. Write that down -- pungent."
-- Liz Titus Rexford

Mr. Constance and Miss Halligan were two of the best teachers I had in my life. We were lucky to have many good teachers at Eastwood.
-- George Almasi

George, This is from Tim/Tom De Paull; remember me?? You can find me in the directory but I sure look different. You have developed the most beautiful Website, which I and the other students will review for the rest of our time here on earth. Absolutely, outstanding. When I opened the site memories returned, pictures confused the hell out of me and you have drawn our class of 1957 so much closer. I often reminisce of the good times that we all had and can't believe that 50 yrs. have passed.

George, Your web site is great. Thanks for your efforts -- it's interesting to discover what has happened to folks since high school.
-- Paul Heins

Thank you. That's really nice to hear.
-- George Almasi

Hi George,

I can't wait to see everyone at our old stomping grounds. Can we really be this old??????I use to sit in the back row at the Palace with my husband Tony, many, many years ago. I am sending you this up date since much has happened since our last reunion. Six years ago my husband Tony passed away in his sleep. We all miss him very much and we have had to make big adjustments in all our lives.

As reported Tony and I have 6 children. As of last count 21 grand children, 2 great children and another grandchild on the way. It looks like we are taking over Liverpool. I also completed and published a book this year called HER NAME WAS LEATHA. It is a story of a 24 year search for my birthmother. (I was adopted at the age of 3 weeks).....It can be ordered off the internet at nyadoption.org.

I will be for sure at the Palace, I'm not sure of Drumlins. Kind of hard without my better half. Can't wait to see you all. Love Ronnie
-- Ronnie DeSantis Richardson

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-- Bill Sabis