Eastwood High School Class of 1957

Helpful Hints

Viewing our Web Pages

The Classmates page can take 10 to 15 seconds to load because of all the pictures. After that
  • If you've sent us a bio or we know your hometown, click your picture to bring up a new window with that info.
  • If you've sent us a recent pic, move the mouse over your class picture to switch back and forth between "then and now".
If you don't see what you expected, try these steps:
  1. Is the new window hiding behind your browser window?
  2. Your browser's "Cache" may be holding onto an outdated local copy. Use the "Clear All" button, probably in the Tools menu under Options > Privacy or Internet Options > General.
  3. You may have to disable "popup blocking" in your browser or firewall software.

Sending Pictures

Digital cameras produce huge picture files -- 2000x3000 "pixels" (dots), much bigger than we need for our website, and probably too big to transfer by email. Please use the software that came with your camera, or a program like Microsoft Office Picture Manager, to resize your picture to a size suitable for email (640x480 is fine). Usually there's an "export" or "share" or "save as" function in such a program. If you're offered a choice of file format for the new file, select JPG or JPEG. The new file should have a name like "mypic.jpg" and should be about 50KB to 100KB in size. We can handle 1 to 2 MB, but not 10 MB.

Still have a problem? send email to webmaster@ehs1957.org