Eastwood High School Class of 1957

Revision History

May 10, 2007:

Hello Biographees!
   I'm happy to announce that I've finally updated the Eastwood website
(http://www.ehs1957.org) with all the material I've been sent since January,
when my life became more complicated as a result of a couple of unexpected
family health issues.  Thanks for all your patience and concern.
   The website now has
 - a nice new page for the alma mater, as sung by Linda Sabis and accompanied by
a little slide show with pix from the yearbook and Syracuse and surroundings.
 - a sixth "Fun" page called "Who?", which is kind of a reverse of the
classmates page in that it starts with the current picture and challenges you to
guess who it is.  I'm hoping it will bring in some more pictures!
 - Dick Amann is now in the Classmates picture array.
 - updated biographies for Dick Amann, Tom DePaul, Paul Heins, and Dusty Rhodes
 - Previous reunion pix from Bill Sampson onto the Mystery Pix page
 - Updated "In Memoriam" to include Jack Kritzer, RIP.
 - Updated "Where Are They Now?"
 - Added Tom DePaul's and Paul Heins' nice comments about the website to "Memory

Hopefully we can now make a new push to entice people to send pix and info to
put onto the enhanced website.
   The request of a favor from those of you who have your own websites -- please
link to ours, so that we can get a higher profile in Google.  Thanks!

August 7, 2007:

 - Whitaker bio and pic
 - Ron Mealey - tiny bio, pic
 - Sarkus bio, pic
 - Lutz long bio, pic
 - Kulesa add swap & bio pic
 - Duperault deceased
 - Ronnie DeSantis (no classpic) add to "memories"
 - remove "Reunion Details" page, change "Home" to "Reunion Details"
 - add "Revision History"
 - update Pedzick bio

August 9, 2007:

  • Angotti bio & pic
  • Mancini pic
  • more mystery pics
August 15, 2007:
  • Elzer bio & pic
  • Heins pic
  • Waskiewicz bio
  • another mystery pic
August 31, 2007:
  • DeSocio bio & pic
  • Mancini pic
  • Basile pic
  • Kammar bio & pic
  • Ronnie DeSantis grad and bio pix
  • Judy Ames pic
  • Barbara Seager pic